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All buildings will be delivered to and setup at your location via flatbed trailer and a mule delivery system.  All prep work of the site is the responsibility of the property owner.  Buildings are delivered statewide on customer’s prepared, level base (preferably gravel). Pub Sheds Inc & Our Partners Are NOT responsible For The Following:

  • Site preparation, an existing level site is required to set your building on

  • Blocking materials

  • Site accessibility

  • Property damage resulting from inaccessibility (i.e. soft ground, trees, wells, septic systems, etc.)

  • Moving limbs, shrubs, low wires, landscaping, fencing, etc.

  • If the site is prepared properly our driver WILL do minor blocking and leveling of the shed

If site is inaccessible because of rocks, trees, fences or other buildings, our driver may unload the shed as close to the intended site as these conditions permit.  If our driver must return with the barn, a return shipping cost and 25% total cost will be charged to the customer.  NOTE: Structure unloads from the rear end of the trailer. When setting up blocks keep in mind that we need to back onto the site to unload. Blocking should not extend out of the ground more than 6″ in center, or on end we are backing in from.

Delivery Cancellation

Customer may rescind this agreement without penalty if Pub Sheds Inc receives a written cancellation signed by the customer prior to 5:00 p.m. on the 3rd day (commencing the day after this agreement is signed).  If customer desires to terminate this contract after that time, however BEFORE parts are ordered or construction begins on the structure, customer must do so in writing and customer will have a 15% cancellation fee.  If customer attempts to terminate this contract after parts are ordered or after construction begins on the structure or if customer defaults on the agreement, customer forfeits all deposits made and shall pay the entire agreed upon purchase price.  Any sums not paid when required by this agreement shall accrue interest at 10% per annum

Building Storage

Should you not be able to take delivery of your building within 4 weeks of our contacting you to receive delivery we will not charge storage as long as the building is 100% paid in full.

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